The Bed & Breakfast

The origins

Domus Rustica is the ancient name of the home located in the historic center of San Vito Norman.
The house of old building, solid, with thick walls that allow it to also have a hot day temperatures pleasant natural. Inside you can admire the vaulted ceilings and exposed brick: “Rustic” and very charming.

Where we are

San Vito Norman founded in the eleventh century when the Norman Bohemond of Hauteville, son of Robert Guiscard and Prince of Taranto, he built as a hunting lodge a square tower, still exists.
The first inhabitants were the Schiavoni (augmentative of slave, but in the sense of “Slavic”), as remembered by the ancient name of the city, came from the opposite side of the Adriatic thousand years ago (by the way, Schiavoni was the seventeenth century, even the guards of the Doge of Venice).
The origin of St. Vitus, so called because of the devotion of the inhabitants of the holy, could still be much older, as between the districts and Castle Paretone were found prehistoric and Roman tombs and messapiche.
Sanvitesi I have always taken an active part in the history of the country: nel 1571 participated in the battle of Lepanto against the Turks; in 1799 adhered to the Neapolitan Republic against the Bourbons; and further contributed to the cause Risorgimento.
The 27 October 1862, changed the name of the City of San Vito degli Schiavoni San Vito Norman, in memory of the illustrious builders of the tower.
In the area of ​​San Vito can still see the remains of ancient settlements which refer to the crypts of St. John and St. Blaise.
The first attendance of cripta in san Biagio, farm near Jannuzzo, dates to the twelfth century, while the sacred frescoes, that were inspired by Byzantine models, are of the late thirteenth century.
In the main church, dedicated to Santa Maria della Vittoria, started in 1571 after the Battle of Lepanto, and enlarged and modified in 1773 with the construction of a facade baroque, there is a remarkable painting of the Virgin that he proclaims to Pope Pius V's victory over the Turks, and a silver statue representing San Vito.

Our strengths

Domus Rustica is the perfect place to discover the incredible diversity of a region rich coast: from the steep cliffs to long stretches of sand, small and enchanting bays.
Waters clean and charming backdrops are ideal for lovers of diving, while the town more open and exposed to winds are one of the favorite destinations for those who practice kite surfing and water sports.
Coming to us means relax, fun, culture, Food and wine.

  • Domus Rustica is the focal point to which to return every night.
    Central point of Puglia, we are at 1:30 a.m.′ the maximum distance to all major tourist places of Puglia.
    You can visit the Salento is the beautiful Valle d'Itria without ever having to take your bags and move.

  • Easy to reach by car because of the Normans San Vito is located close to Bari and Brindisi supertrada.
    Easy to reach by air, Brindisi airport is only 10min of road.

  • Impress your friends return from your vacation with the fabulous cuisine of Puglia!
    Upon request we provide mini cooking classes to learn the local specialties such as small large: rice, potatoes and mussels, panzerotti, orecchiette…

The Domus Rustica is a house at the complete disposal of our customers: consists of 3 double bedrooms.
Once you enter the front door, you will be embraced and welcomed by a house light and elegant that you will spend a relaxing holiday.
You will be pampered by the family atmosphere, or overwhelmed by the air brisk and cheerful, which is typical of Puglia.
The Bed and Breakfast is located in a quiet street in the city, a short walk from the center.
The house is a blend of ancient and modern: a fully furnished to give you all the comforts, fresh and shaded garden area and bedrooms furnished with antiques.
The house also has two lounges: one with tv, for those who do not want to disconnect from the rest of the world and the other more comfortable for those who want to indulge in the arms of Morpheus at any time of day.
Finally we have the input, There you get a big book on which to leave a comment, thinking about holidays spent with us!

Our rooms

  • Locus Mater

    Main room of the house, large, bright. Consisting of a prestigious wrought iron double bed and large closets where you can store your wardrobe.

  • Lunae Locus

    Comfortable and spacious: a room consists of two beds that can be combined if necessary. Ideal for young couples or.

  • Locus Solis

    Room of the sun, ideal for young couples in love. The room is equipped with a separate bathroom and air conditioner to make the environment cool and pleasant.

Our services

For our customers there is a kitchen, an oven, 5 stove and dishwasher.

To spend a few relaxing evening in the intimate garden will allow you to rest and dine by candlelight.

A laundry room and for the sport we have also a small room used as a gym with weights, treadmill e cyclette.
And two more bikes available to make some walks in the surrounding countryside or go to the beach riding in company.