Suggested itineraries

These are just some examples dell'infinite chance you coming to stay with us.

  • Appian

    Mesagne (B) – 10minutes.: Walking on foot you can admire a beautiful old town, with castle ruins and messapici, dotted with restaurants , pubs and pizzerias.
    Francavilla Fontana (C) – 10minutes.: Here too beautiful old town with castle and the shopping street. A typical dessert? Almonds curly.
    Grottaglie (D) – 10minutes.: It’ the city of ceramics with a whole neighborhood full of shops and art school.
    Taranto (It) – 15minutes.: Beautiful city’ that we can fall in love with the museum with the gold of ancient greece, The historic center with the cathedral of San Sataldo, the castle, the swing bridge, small bridge along the Sea, shopping and great seafood.
    Return to Domus Rustica (F) in about 1 now.

  • Messapia

    Ceglie (B) – 20minutes.: Do not miss the delightful old town and great food. In many summer evenings outdoors with lots of music and fun.
    Cisternino (C) – 10minutes.: Wonderful town center for the walking and quite a spectacular view of the Valle d'Itria full of trulli. Typical of the butchers that they cook the meat on the grill and apparecchiano in the alleys of the center until late at night.
    Locorotondo (D) – 10minutes.: Famous for its wines, has a very elegant and refined center.
    Alberobello (It) – 10minutes.: And who does not know? A whole country made up of trulli, including church!
    Castellana Grotte (F) – 10minutes.: Fantastic natural caves where some enchanted for hours…
    Return to Domus Rustica (A) in about 1 now.

  • Maritime

    Ostuni (B) – 15minutes.: E’ called the city’ white for the white of its houses. ERIt7; enchanting both day and night, has wooed more’ someone!
    Monopoly (C) – 15minutes.: Nice walks in the old part of town’ overlooking the harbor with its numerous fresh fish restaurants. Shopping instead in the newer part.
    Polignano (D) – 10minutes.: It’ overlooking the sea, the city’ birthplace of Domenico Modugno with an old town of rare beauty. Also famous for its ice cream and the international competition of diving into the sea from the cliff!
    Bari (It) – 15minutes.: For art lovers there’ Old Bari, while for those who love shopping there’ part of the new rich with many fine shops and people who love the theater there’ the magnificent Petruzzelli.
    Return to Domus Rustica (A) in about 1 hours and 20 minutes.

  • Baroque

    Lecce (B) – 50minutes.: Capital of Baroque, home to a prestigious university’ which keeps the city’ iniziative.Tante young and full of beautiful things to see, squares, churches and palaces. Do not miss the coffee’ with a pasticciotto and for a gift there’ the art of paper mache.
    Jerseys (C) – 15minutes.: Beautiful city’ it also offers much for shopping and …chocolate!
    Otranto (D) – 15minutes.: Who sees it is fascinated and takes it in your heart forever. Sea, perfumes and beauty to no end!!
    Return to Domus Rustica (It) in about 1 hours and 30 min.

  • Sports

    Golf San Domenico Golf (B) – 25minutes.: Considered one of the best golf clubs in Italy, The San Domenico Golf is a prestigious field 18 holes overlooking the sea of ​​Puglia: 6300 meters of meandering meadows that run among the olive trees along a beautiful stretch of Adriatic coast offering spectacular views of the sea.
    Kitesurf To Beach (C) – 10minutes.: For lovers of this wonderful sport spot of Guna Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful in Italy. For those interested in beginning the practice Guna Beach has courses available for beginners.
    Candle Sailing Centre Tower Guaceto (C) – 10minutes.: Spectacular place to make a trip on a sailing boat and do some advanced course in a unique nature reserve.
    Go-Kart Track Saraceni (It) – 5minutes.: Challenge your friends on board a racing car racing. Those of you who will be the fastest?

  • Tasting

    Cellino San Marco (B): Country from the great tradition of wine with several famous wineries such as the famous singer Albano Carrisi or cellars “Two Palms” and “Marco Maci”.
    Latimer (C): Wineries “Lomazzi and Sarli”.
    San Donation (D): Wineries “Candid”.
    Salice Salentino (It): Here you can taste the famous Willow Salentino at the winery “Lone of Castris”.
    Guagnano (F): Cellar “Feuds of Guagnano”.
    Manduria (G): It’ was here that famous Primitivo di Manduria and his most famous wine cellar “Soloperto”.